What is Land Rover InControl®?

August 10th, 2021 by

A person holding their phone using the Land Rover InControl® App.

Land Rover InControl® is a suite of apps and services that keeps Long Island area drivers in the know with everything going on in their Land Rover vehicle.

Here at Land Rover Freeport, on Long Island, we are here to let you know everything Land Rover InControl® can do for you and your Land Rover.

Features of Land Rover InControl®

When you add InControl® to your Land Rover vehicle you will have access to numerous different applications and services. There are four key categories of control with Land Rover InControl® including:

  • Infotainment
  • Connectivity
  • Remote & Protect™
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator

Services on the Land Rover InControl® App.


Land Rover InControl® allows you and your vehicle to be connected to the world with the incredible Infotainment connectivity. Through InControl®, drivers will be able to access calls, media and navigation, climate control, driver settings, and remote access all via their smartphone.


Seamlessly stay connected wherever you are with the Land Rover InControl® app. Whether you or your passengers want to utilize features through your phones or car, the Land Rover InControl® allows you to do just that.

Remote & Protect™

With Land Rover InControl® Remote & Protect™ you will be able to stay up to date with all of your Land Rover vehicle’s important information. Land Rover owners will be able to check their fluid levels, find their Land Rover in a packed parking lot, record their journeys, and even check if they have left a window open, all through the app.

If your Land Rover breaks down or has an issue, you can use the Optimized Land Rover Assistance system to send your location and vehicle diagnostic data to the Roadside Assistance Provider. In a serious case of emergency, the SOS Emergency Call will contact authorities right away.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Stolen Vehicle Locator utilizes GPS tracking technology to help police locate and recover your Land Rover if it has been stolen.

Learn More About the Land Rover InControl® App on Long Island

If you are interested in having Land Rover InControl® with your new Land Rover vehicle, please contact us online today. You can always visit us at Land Rover Freeport, on Long Island, to speak with one of our team members about Land Rover InControl® also.

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