Land Rover Lease Return

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If your Land Rover lease is up, Land Rover Freeport is the place to come and discuss what happens next with your lease. Our sales professionals at Land Rover Freeport, near Rockville Centre, will go over all of your options on leasing or financing your next Land Rover vehicle. 

Is Your Land Rover Lease Coming to an End?

If your Land Rover lease is coming to an end there are a few things to consider before bringing it back. Our sales professionals will be able to help you through the different options you have when your lease comes to an end. There are three options drivers have when their Land Rover’s lease is up, you can return your leased Land Rover, purchase a new Land Rover, or purchase your Land Rover lease.

Option 1: Return Your Leased Land Rover

If you decide to return your Land Rover lease, we will make the process as easy as possible for you. 

Prior to returning your lease be sure to do the following:

  • Contact our Land Rover service department for a vehicle inspection. This inspection should take approximately 30 minutes. Once the inspection is complete, your service technician will give you a copy of the condition report. At this time be sure to ask any questions and your technician will be happy to answer any concerns you may have. A second copy will be left in your car and should remain there until your lease return date. 
  • Prior to your lease maturity date, schedule an appointment to return your Land Rover.
  • Complete a Federal Odometer/Lease Termination Statement at Land Rover Freeport
  • Sign and date your Vehicle Condition Report, this can be done at our Land Rover Freeport dealership. This report will be used to compare your Land Rover’s condition to its original condition to see if anything has changed. 

After this your vehicle will be ready to be returned, and you can choose your next course of action.

Option 2: Buying a New Land Rover

When your lease is complete, you can choose to lease or purchase another Land Rover vehicle. Our sales team will work with you to figure out if it is better for you to lease or buy your next vehicle, and start that process. We want to get you behind the wheel of a new Land Rover vehicle, and our great Land Rover specials can help you to achieve that.

Option 3: Purchase Your Land Rover Lease

If you love your Land Rover lease you do not have to part ways with it. You can choose to purchase your lease and own it. Choosing to purchase your lease can also help you avoid charges like excess mileage, wear, and use. Also by buying your lease you will be able to customize or change your Land Rover as you seem fit, since it is now yours!

If you have any questions about the Land Rover lease process, please contact us and we will be happy to help. You can always come visit us at Land Rover Freeport, near Rockville Centre, Merrick, and Bellmore, to discuss your options in greater detail.