Frequently Asked Questions

Woman from Garden City shopping for new Land Rover

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of money to put down?

A: Leasing a Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery is a great way to access a more luxury vehicle for less, because this option requires a lower down payment if it requires one at all. Additionally, monthly leasing payments are generally lower than monthly car loan payments.

Q: I plan on driving my car for the next several years – should I lease or finance?

A: If you drive your vehicle until it’s ready to retire, you’ll want to finance your Range Rover, Defender,
. Eventually, you will reach the point where you will own your Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery and will no longer have to make payments. When that happens you have numerous options of what you can do with it, you can either trade in your vehicle or keep on driving it until you’re ready to find a new Range Rover, Defender,

Q: If I want the latest advanced tech and features, should I buy or lease?

A: Those who are constantly searching for the best technology available would be better suited by leasing a Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery. This way, you can play with the latest gadgets and infotainment without worrying about your vehicle becoming outdated. Leases typically last three years or less, so you’ll be able to regularly access the newest features.

Q: Can I customize my car when I lease?

A: When you lease a Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery, you won’t be able to customize it because it belongs to the dealership. Financing a Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery gives you the freedom to make any changes as you wish. If you plan on detailing or accessorizing your future Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery, you’ll want to opt for buying instead.

Couple signing paperwork for their new Land Rover car
Working with Land Rover finance to purchase a new car

Q: What if I don’t want to deal with the maintenance and repairs?

A: If you don’t want the trouble of dealing with car maintenance, leasing is a great option. Aside from getting regular oil changes, you won’t need to worry about most repairs because your vehicle will be under warranty during the lease period.

Q: If I drive a lot, should I buy or lease my next car?

A: If you log a lot of miles, you’ll want to finance your Range Rover, Defender,
Discovery. When you lease a vehicle, you’ll typically have mileage limits that could end up being a hassle. If you want your driving situation to accommodate your everyday commute as well as the occasional road trip or weekend adventure you should consider financing your next Range Rover, Defender,


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