John Mayer Explores His Adventurous Side With The Defender

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Photo by: Land Rover USA

John Mayer is a musician known for his compelling performances, constantly travelling around the globe, and bringing people together with his music. But when he is not living the life of a world-famous celebrity, he loves to venture out into nature and disconnect. John Mayer knows that when going out into the woods, you need a vehicle that is reliable and has the best off-roading capabilities, so you know that you never have to worry about compromising your safety. That is why when John Mayer goes outside, he chooses to do so in his Land Rover Defender. Keep reading to learn more about John Mayer’s outdoor adventure and how he used his Defender throughout his journey.

For over seventy years, the Land Rover Defender has been one of the vehicles of choice for adventurers around the globe. John Mayer began his outdoor adventure exploring the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in his Land Rover Defender on Howland Hill Road, an unpaved road where he was able to optimize his engine, gearbox, center differential, and chassis system to conform to the terrain. This unpaved road was no trouble with for the Land Rover Defender.


Photo by: Land Rover USA

As John Mayer got deeper and deeper into Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, he made sure to turn on ClearSight Ground View to make sure he was able to effectively navigate thick and muddy forest terrain. This feature allowed him to see what the underside of the front of the vehicle looked like. When he approached the Smith River, a beautiful, scenic river running over 300 miles in length, he increased the height by 2.8 inches using the Electronic Air Suspension in order to make the ride comfortable, even in the uneven, rocky terrain.

Finally, when he approached Crescent Beach, the All-Wheel Drive on the Land Rover Defender allowed him to easily drive towards to edge of the water because of its intelligent torque distribution and traction minimization features.

Now that you know a little about John Mayer’s adventure, be sure to check out the Land Rover Defender so you too can experience the great outdoors.

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