2022 Range Rover Sport | Redefining Luxury SUVs

July 1st, 2020 by
2022 Range Rover Sport

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Customers and fans know the Range Rover to be a vehicle that combines luxury and craftsmanship with the practicality of a sport utility vehicle. While many customers are loyal to the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport is also a great vehicle for those looking for a lower price point and great off roading capability. The highly anticipated 2022 Range Rover Sport has yet to be revealed but keep reading to see what we know so far. What does Land Rover Freeport know about the new model?

One of the major differences in the 2022 Range Rover Sport from previous models is going to be the way that the 2022 Range Rover Sport is designed. We know that this model will be inspired by Range Rover Velar. Like the Velar, the 2022 Sport is going to have a more square-edged profile and styling lines.

While we don’t know what the exact price of the 2022 Range Rover Sport will be, we can use the prices of prior models as a gauge. For reference, the 2020 Range Rover Sport started at around $70,000 while the 2020 Range Rover started out at around $90,000. It is important to note that there is about a $20,000 price difference for these vehicles. Even though the Sport is cheaper, this vehicle has been very popular among Range Rover customers due to its lower price point and its luxury features. For Land Rover, this vehicle is a major cash cow and tends to bring in more revenue than the Range Rover. Customers can expect that the 2022 Range Rover Sport will stay at a lower price point compared to the Range Rover.

Another exciting feature about the 2022 Range Rover Sport is that the car is likely to emphasize eco-friendly performance. For example, it is possible for this vehicle to come with mild hybrid assistance features.

While there is still much time before the new 2022 Range Rover Sport is on the market, be sure to keep an eye on this vehicle as we continue to get more insight.