2022 Range Rover | Reveal & New Features

July 10th, 2020 by
2022 Range Rover

Photo By: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1127043_2022-land-rover-range-rover-spy-shots

The Range Rover is an iconic vehicle that is easily recognizable on the road. The commanding presence, craftsmanship, and luxury attention that come inherent with a Range Rover all draw customers to this vehicle. While the new 2022 Range Rover has yet to be officially put on the market, we know it is coming sometime soon so keep reading to get caught up on what Land Rover Freeport knows so far.

New 2022 Range Rover Features

This fifth generation of Range Rover is coming after a fourth generation Range Rover was released last year that features an inline 6 engine and mild hybrid system as the base powertrain. While it has not been much time since that release, the new 2022 Range Rover set to be released later this year will switch to a new platform, specifically the Modular Longitudinal Architecture platform that we have seen on the new Range Rover Sport.

Some other changes that we will see on the 2022 Range Rover include greater attention to fine detailing. While the general design of the vehicle will remain intact, the new 2022 Range Rover will feature a slightly less harsh design in terms of the boxed shape of the car. In addition, the lights, and wheel arches will be changed to have a more modern look.

The 2022 redesigned platform will comprise of a great deal of aluminum, which is much lighter than previous models, allowing Land Rover to offer various hybrid-electric models. In addition to the enhancements to the technology of the vehicle’s build, the 2022 Range Rover will incorporate luxury and tech into the infotainment system to make the driver’s experience much more fluid. For example, it is speculated that the new 2022 Range Rover will include screens for the instrument panel, climate control mechanisms, and the infotainment interface.

Now that you know a little about the 2022 Range Rover, be sure to keep an eye out for this vehicle as we get more updates, information, and pictures in anticipation of the release.

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