Land Rover Battery Check Service on Long Island

A service technician performing a battery replacement service.

Your battery is the component of your Land Rover that powers your vehicle while starting it, while also acting as a surge protector for your car’s computer, and it also supplies short-term power to your lights, stereo, GPS or wipers when the engine is off. Due to how important your battery is to your Land Rover, it is so important that you routinely get it checked.

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Here at our Land Rover Freeport service department, our team of trained service technicians would be more than happy to perform a routine battery check to make sure the battery in your Land Rover is working properly. 

Signs Your Land Rover Battery Needs to be Checked

  • Frequently needing your vehicle jump started
  • Takes your engine longer to start after turning key/pushing the start button 
  • Dimming headlights and interior lights
  • Unusual power levels in the different electric systems

If any of the above signs are occurring with your Land Rover vehicle, you should bring it to our service department and have our technicians check your battery. Car batteries are just like another battery, they don’t last forever. Just as your phone or laptop battery goes bad after time, the battery in your Land Rover will be less effective as time goes on. 

The general lifespan of most batteries is around four years. It’s a very good idea to have your Land Rover battery checked before that time mark to make sure everything is still operating at the level it should be. However, if any of these signs arise before then, bring your Land Rover vehicle in as soon as you can. The sooner you are aware of a potential issue, the sooner the trained technicians at our Land Rover Freeport service department can work on it, and get you back enjoying the Long Island area roads.

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When the time comes for your Land Rover battery to be checked be sure to schedule an appointment with us at Land Rover Freeport, on Long Island. 

If you have any questions for the team at our Land Rover service department, please contact us online. Our team at Land Rover Freeport takes pride in making sure your Land Rover is operating at its absolute best. 

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